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Are you suffering from pain?

Do you know why you are having pain?

Why wait any longer? 

Get treated now!

There are many reason why we have pain. Pain is the alarm system of the body that lets us know that there is something wrong. Sometimes the cause for pain is simple, other times it is complicated. For example a burning sensation on your hand because its sitting on a hot stove is pretty simple to resolve. Just remove your hand! A pain in the shoulder could be simple or complicated. Having a heart attack can cause shoulder pain. We can't always be sure why we are having pain, but we can attempt to find the reason before it becomes a life threatening situation.

What ever the reason for your pain, we can find out together what maybe causing your symptoms. At Tampa Rehab & Chiropractic, LLC we will perform a thorough evaluation in order to determine a working diagnosis. We will thoroughly go through your medical history, perform a physical examination, take x-rays if medically necessary, develop a treatment plan, and report the findings to you in a way you can understand.

Not everyone is built the same. even similar conditions require different forms of treatment. One person may react differently to the same treatment. Your  treatment plan will be designed specifically for your condition and your comfort.